Financial Settlement – How Does It Work?

When your marriage breaks down, no doubt one of the first thoughts that goes through your head is how you will cope financially and how the assets will be divided. You do not need to agree a settlement during your divorce and you can do this pre or post your divorce, although there are good … Continue reading Financial Settlement – How Does It Work?


Family Court Remote Hearings Update

Sir Andrew McFarlane has provided a report in relation to the effectiveness of remote hearings during the Covid-19 pandemic. Nuffield Family Justice Observatory (who are an independent organisation committed to improving the life for families by providing data to the family justice system) began carrying out a study three weeks ago to examine views after hearings were being held remotely rather than face-to-face.


Child Abduction During The Pandemic

There has been guidance regarding contact arrangements between a parent and their child – but what if you or the other parent have concerns about the child’s safety during the Coronavirus pandemic? If you were to make an application to the Court in relation to your child, how quickly would this be dealt with and would it depend on the severity of the matter, which will also no doubt take into account any harm the child could be subject to?


Children & The Family Courts – Types of Orders Available

When parents separate and before issuing any proceedings, parents are encouraged to attempt to reach an agreement regarding the child(ren). If the arrangements are agreed, then there is no need for the Court to intervene. Parents are encouraged to reach an agreement regarding the child(ren) wherever possible) However, and in the event that your last resort becomes Court proceedings, you will need to understand the types of Orders that are available under the Children Act 1989. What Types Of Orders Are Available?


Calculating Child Maintenance During COVID-19

I recently wrote an article in relation to child arrangements during this self isolation period – but how does this effect child maintenance? Guidance has been provided whereby the Cabinet Office stated that children under 18 can travel between their separated parents’ homes during the self isolation period. However, and in the event that contact … Continue reading Calculating Child Maintenance During COVID-19

Is Spousal Maintenance Affected By COVID-19?

Many of us are worried about the financial changes that are impactingus, both personally and professionally. No doubt it can be agreed that one of the greatest worries for us is the affordability of outgoingsin the event thatour incomes are reduced due to COVID-19, whether that is being furloughed, receiving statutory sick pay or receiving … Continue reading Is Spousal Maintenance Affected By COVID-19?