Covid-19 and Cohabitating

Due to the self-isolation and the social distancing restrictions improved by the Government, this can become a challenge for non-married couples who do not live to together. You’re either going to spend a considerable amount of time away from each other by living in separate households or a considerable amount of time together by taking a step forward and living in the same household.

Self Isolation – What Does This Mean For Child/Parent Contact Arrangements?

There has been a confusion since the guidance to self isolation was released - what happens if you have a Children Arrangements Order in place (i.e. "contact" order)? Do you still have contact with your child, even if they are self isolating with the other parent? Should the child simply stay in the home that … Continue reading Self Isolation – What Does This Mean For Child/Parent Contact Arrangements?

Divorce “Blame Game” To End

The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill is representing the biggest shake-up of divorce laws as divorcing couples will no longer have to blame one another for the breakdown of their marriage, and this will no doubt reduce family conflict. Currently, the petitioning spouse must show that the marriage has irretrievably broken down based on one … Continue reading Divorce “Blame Game” To End

Digital Children Act Applications

You have been able to make an application to commence divorce proceedings online, but now HMCTS have also released a digital form to initiate Children Act proceedings. The Gov website describes this service as: “…. quicker and easier for separated parents to apply to see their children…” For any family lawyers out there that have … Continue reading Digital Children Act Applications